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  1. Jerry,
    I’m enjoying the books but every once in a while, I run across what must be an error, and it’s a confusing thing to get past, as I read. Example is the great battle where Kapin is going to battle the giant son of the leader of the Serpentines. His name, until this battle was Bul Mar, but all of a sudden he is referred to as Bul Drom May, the other son of the Serpentine ruler, who Kwin killed earlier in the story, in book one.
    These books are very interesting and I’m wondering where you got the idea for the parrot hawk? There is such a type of parrot today, the HawkHead parrot….I’m wondering if there is archaeological evidence for a really large parrot? Or should I just sit down, and not expect that sort of thing? Loved the animals taking part in the battle confusion…..
    Thanks for writing these books, Jerry……and thanks to Lynn for being your partner in this endeavor.

    • Hi Merry Ann, You have spotted real errors! The great battle before the city of Altus was between Kappin and Prince Bul Mar. I intend to correct it soon. There are other errors, and I correct them as I can.

      Regarding the parrothawk, I have no operational scientific knowledge of the previous existence of such creatures. There are carnivorous parrots in New Zealand, who have been known to attack sheep. There are many kinds of birds that mimic human speech. There is a greater variety of animals in the fossil record than exist today, and many tend to be larger than they are today. From those ideas I conclude the plausibility of birds like Swiftwing in the stories.

      Check out this site for instance:

      I am very pleased at the reception the books are getting! Thanks for your input and kind words!

  2. Perhaps you already know about this Jerry – sometimes Pontwin (sp?) is called Pontoon : ) . I was most comfortable with names that weren’t common to me as it fit with my thinking that this was a world that was lost at least 6,000 years ago. So, I found the name “Richard” a bit jarring. But it is a nice name. : )

  3. I ordered the free download of Book 1 but am having downloading it. I have tried a few times and all I get is the message,

    You have exceeded the download limit for the file.

    I cannot download this file due to exceeding this limit.

    Can you help me?


    Peter Younghusband

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