QBtF | Book 6




Book 6 of the Quest Before the Flood series is the epic conclusion to the gathering of the Friends at The Mesa following years of violence and hardship. It is action packed in the Quest Before the Flood style! Kwin finds an opportunity to end his oppression by powerful enemies. But will it work? Yapha makes it very clear to King Mur Kava that she will never be his wife, and she and Kwin truly solve that dilemma! But will Clan Freeman and Clan Mur Kava remain allies or become enemies? Bommur’s life takes off in a radical new direction, and Joy Keeta Kuri reacts to the change as only she can. Jordan grows as a leader, and the Clan begins to look upon him as his wives think of him. Pontewn bears the ups and downs of shouldering the whole world on his back. And he finds someone to help him with his task. Kwin and the Friends find their place of refuge, and enter into the work of their young lives. History is the story of simple people who are caught up in extraordinary times! Each one adds their contribution to the whole, and the direction of whole peoples is changed, sometimes for the better! Clan Mur Kava enters into warfare with Havilah, the Riders of Eden confront armies, the Land of Eden finds its centuries of material prosperity shaken by invasion and treachery, and Ulys introduces the Friends to espionage. The Young Warriors reach their peak and enter battle against a vastly larger army. It is their first battle and their last as Young Warriors. What will become of them? Book Six brings closure to many of the mysteries of the first five volumes, and lays a foundation for many decades of peace for Clan Freeman. It will be a few decades of life and prosperity, preparation, and a dread sense of purpose for the future!

(c) 2017 Jerry Corbaley, First Edition


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