QBtF | Book 5


Book Five of the epic Quest Before the Flood Series

Kwin and his Friends have arrived in the Land of Eden, and look forward to a time of peace and a little security. But life often disappoints us, and peace and security are hard to find! Clan Freeman has fled to the west in the hope of freedom from domination. Now they are free, and find they may not have a common cause. What will they do? Who will they follow? Why don’t allies see the dangers? Will the Clan’s enemies ever leave them alone?

How many ways can an enemy cause affliction? Can lies and slander hurt as badly as cutting edges and arrows? Can suspicion and accusation defeat a Clan that seemingly can’t be stopped militarily? Who dies in this story? Who gets wounded? What old friends come back into the Friend’s lives? What is Eden like? And will Kwin the Freeman know what to do with freedom?

The legend continues to unfold in this fifth book, as the characters get deeper and the loyalties get stronger. This is epic story-telling indeed!

(c) 2016 Jerry Corbaley, Third Edition



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