QBtF | Book 2


Kwin has escaped from the interior of the Serpentine lands, but now the Serpentines are boiling over the border, at war with Asshur. Kwin wants only to be left alone, but the politics of the Clans and the safety of his Friends draw him into the heart of the conflict. In the Military Academy of the Asshurians Kwin gets a taste of freedom, a touch of nobility, and respect beyond what he can handle. While trying to come to grips with a new life, Kwin is thrust into greatness against his will. Share his story and meet amazing people, heroes of old, men of renown. Get a taste of the wonders of the world before the Flood of Noah. (225 pages; 71,900 words)

(c) 2016 Jerry Corbaley, Third Edition



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