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What happens when you push a quiet man too far? What happens when a powerful man decides to declare war on the Empire that has enslaved him for hundreds of years? What happens when this man decides to leave and only death can stop him? Book One introduces Kwin, a man who is destined for greatness, a man who seeks only freedom from the domination of others, a man who a whole Empire cannot stop. Buy into his series of stories! Meet his unique Friends, and laugh and cry with his tragedy and triumph. (222 pages; 62,800 words)

(c) 2016 Jerry Corbaley, Third Edition


2 reviews for QBTF | Book 1 – Free Download!

  1. Dave Laumann (verified owner)

    As a long-time fantasy reader, I have enjoyed this book nearly as much as LotR. The setting is unbeatable, and Jerry’s writing is imbued with a natural yet enjoyable tension, even on the 2nd or 3rd read. Jerry’s intro to the book on this site’s home page is spot on. This story has all of the right stuff, every chapter enjoyable & surprising, with a lot of wisdom & experience thrown in. If you like the books & characters he’s mentioned in the intro, you’ll love this book… and the many to follow!

  2. Dr. Bob Fischer

    Can’t wait to read it!

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