Merry First Coming of the Creator

What would happen if the Creator of heaven and earth entered the world He created as a man? What if He came through human birth, as a man?


If He was known as the Creator by the rulers of the earth, would they tolerate Him? Would they believe “this baby” is God in the flesh? Would they attempt to control Him? Would they attempt to mold Him? Would they begin fighting to keep Him or to steal Him?


Would they wonder how many people knew He was here? Do you wonder about that?


A multitude of angels knew of His birth. These are the angels who announced His birth to the shepherds. The Creator became a man and lived for about 30 years on the planet. He began to reign spiritually; though few consider that the kingdom of Heaven is at hand in that way. He was rejected, and crucified. He rose from the dead, physically, and ascended to Heaven until the time of His Second Coming. The Second Coming will be noticed by everyone.


Read the Gospel of John as if Jesus Christ is the Creator. Meanwhile, enjoy your cultural holiday. I do enjoy Christmas. But the Christian culture has buried it in tolerance.

Angels announce the most important news in history. Heaven didn't seem to acknowledge the importance of earthly governments.

Angels announce the most important news in history. Heaven didn’t seem to acknowledge the importance of earthly governments.

3 thoughts on “Merry First Coming of the Creator

  1. Hi Mr. Corbaley, I’m glad you are drawing attention to the truth of Christ as Creator; if it is in the Bible it is important. I just wondered if you believe in the rapture. I do believe that the believers in Jesus will be taken out of the world before the terrible events and judgments described in the book of Revelation take place, a lot like the global flood time period.

    • I have no doubt that Messiah returns! I have no doubt that Christians who still live mortal lives will “meet him in the air”. I tend to prefer a pre-tribulation rapture. I don’t think last days eschatology is clear enough to be certain about that detail. I am aware that any degree of hardship that Christians might face during a seven year tribulation period can be experienced right now. There are many reasons to live each day as if we will face Him!

      • Thanks for replying. Yes, end times teaching and passages can be hard to follow, we can all have faith and rejoice that we shall see Jesus in person as the scripture says.

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