Instructions for Ebook Installation

This download works best via use on the Kindle application (Windows and Mac).

  1.  Visit this Amazon webpage to get the Kindle app.
  2.  Follow the download instructions you receive from Amazon to install the app.
  3.  Sign into the app with your amazon account information.
  4.  The receipt from our bookstore included a .zip file attachment. Unzip the attachment and click on the .mobi file. The file should load into your Kindle app.
  5.   Read and enjoy.


Additional Smartphone/Tablet Instructions

You need to have an app installed on your smartphone or tablet, via either iBooks (mac only) or Kindle (Mac or Windows).

Download the file from the email receipt and unzip the file. Attach either the .mobi (Kindle) or .epub (iBooks) file to an email to yourself. Open that email on your mobile device and touch the file attachment to download it to your device. Your device will prompt you to choose your desired app for installation.


Additional E-Reader Instructions

After unzipping the file, either email the file to your e-reader (instructions should be found at your ebook distributor), or you can use the “Send to Kindle” app.

“Send to Kindle” App Instructions:


E-Book Management (optional)

Users may want to explore an e-book management program called Calibre, which is compatible with most e-readers and operating systems.

Calibre automatically formats a digital book file for any brand e-reader. Users can also manage books and add and remove them from their devices via this program.

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