qbtfbookonecoverdownloadfreeQuest Before the Flood is a series of books that follow a group of remarkable friends on their quest for freedom from oppression.  They journey through an ecological paradise that includes dinosaurs, heroes, villains, and remarkable animals. The author considers the books to be historical fiction that occurs midway between the Creation of the heavens and earth, and the world-wide Flood of Noah’s day. The people were genetically superior to modern man with natural life-spans in excess of 900 years. Their natural abilities were superior to ours and the skills they learned would accumulate to produce amazing people. Heroes and villains, leaders and artists, flora and fauna specialists; all could attain to heights that are not possible today. Of such are the characters in the stories.

For reasons valid to themselves, men began to dominate one another and this domination turned often to violence. Personal feuds became family feuds and then progressed to tribal feuds and then to conflict between confederations of tribes. One man, a slave for hundreds of years, resists this domination and strikes out to the west of the world to find freedom. On the journey he meets marvelous friends and makes terrible enemies. He encounters many different Clans with different cultures and  grows aware of obvious spiritual things. As he and his friends move inevitably west  their story becomes legend.

Middle Earth (from Tolkien’s works) and Narnia (from the works of C.S. Lewis) were imaginary places patterned on the world that this book makes clear. The author would like to go to these imaginary worlds, but no one can, they can be no more than a dream. But the world of Quest Before the Flood was real, and with the promised creation of a new heaven and earth, will be real again, only without evil. In this series you will find adventure and romance, nobility and arrogance, compassion and greed, animal friends as they were supposed to be, a beautiful environment beyond any modern paradise, a very real and obvious spirituality, and even Biblical fidelity.

If you like folks like Ivanhoe, Achilles, Odysseus, King Arthur, William Wallace, Sitting Bull and Musashi, then you will like this book. You will find humor and tragedy, polygamy and sacrificial loyalty, murder and rescue, good people die, and villains get their due; and memories that will leave you looking forward to the next book in the series.

Whether you consider Quest Before the Flood to be historical fiction, science fiction, or fantasy, you will like them. And frankly; the more you tell your friends about them, the more books that will be written.